PayPal 4 Bitcoin

What we offer

- High-value PayPal accounts (higher than 5,000 USD)
- Refund policy (if the account is suspended or lower than 5,000 USD, you'll get another for free)
- Guide to cashout
- Account monitoring (we monitor all PayPal accounts to ensure only valid ones are sent out)


We just got a bunch of low-limit accounts (all under 2,000 USD) from a hacking session last night.
Get them and cash out as long as they're not locked!

Choose a minimal limit

Email the account details and the guides will be sent to:

Use a valid email address!


How to order

Select the limit from the dropdown, enter your email address and click on buy and follow the instructions.

How long will my email address be stored?

We store your email only until your bitcoin transfer is completed and the account details have been sent. We NEVER store any details longer as needed and erase them secure right after the transaction.

Can you cash out the account for me?

Nope. As it would require more details than we're willing to temporarily store. But you'll receive some guides to do it on your own. They are checked by some hackers and security experts to make sure your cashout will be safe.

We are the most trusted seller for PayPal accounts on the darkweb!

If you encounter problems, feel free to contact us via email: